We provide both residential
and commercial cleaning
in Toledo, Ohio and
surrounding areas


and commercial cleaning
in Toledo, Ohio and
surrounding areas


We offer a wide range of quality residential and corporate cleaning services


We offer a wide range of quality residential and corporate cleaning services


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we focus on providing cleaning
services that will make you proud of your home and business.


We provide cleaning
services that will make you proud of your home and business.


Party Hosting Tips: Helping You and Guests Relax this Christmas

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If you are hosting a party this Christmas Season it is likely you are in need of a few party hosting tips.

While there is great joy in being surrounded by friends and family in your own home, there is also much work involved. For our own family, from Thanksgiving on through the New Year there are a whirl of activities. These are good times spent with family and friends.

Hosting parties are a joy; however, they do not occur without work, and unfortunately, at times, a great amount of stress. From concerns of cleaning the home, making food, to ensuring guests have a great time, there is a lot on the mind of a host or hostess.

If you find yourself preparing for a party this time of year, I hope the following tips can help you remember the often forgotten little things. The little thoughts which mean a great deal to guests. At the same time, some of these tips will aid you in avoiding stress while enjoying time spent with those you love.


Party Hosting Tips…


Helping Your Guests Relax

  • When hosting parties, make sure you have extra toilet paper nearby. Place a cute basket on the back of the toilet and pile with that necessary item. This avoids forcing guests to root through your closet when the roll runs out.


  • While still in the bathroom, place a scent burner (one that is flame-less and out of the reach of children) on the counter. This keeps the room smelling fresh making it possible for guests to avoid embarrassment.


  • Before guests arrive have a preplanned area to place jackets (and shoes for those who would like to remove them). You do not want to run around at the last moment clearing a space for coats.


  • If young children are coming, choose clear pops and drinks. Not only will this save your carpets, parents will notice and be thankful. Nothing more stressful for a parent than seeing grape juice or red punch on the counter.


  • With children in attendance comes a need to find something for them to do. If you can, set up a room with toys for various age groups. Children will have a blast playing in a spot reserved for them, and parents will be able to relax knowing their children are playing in a kid friendly zone.


  • Before the party, line trash cans with several layers of bags. This simple step makes it easy for anyone to remove the trash once it fills without having to search for a new bag.


Helping Yourself Relax

  • You do not need to cook a fancy meal. Take away some of your stress by accepting that everything does not have to be perfect or handmade. Your guests are coming to have a good time with people. Yes, they want to eat, but as long as there is food, and a pleasant host or hostess, they are going to have a great time.


  • In the past, our family used real dishes, cups, and utensils. Clean up after Thanksgiving was no joy. 2016 was the first year we switched to disposable. The result, clean-up was a breeze. Take note, sometimes it is best to make things easier on yourself. No, it may not be as pretty, but it does provide you with more time to spend with guests.


  • Once the first of your guests arrive, preparation is over. Friends and family have come to visit. Your party needs to find you actually visiting. Do not be off constantly cleaning up and checking on food. Parties are times to make memories. If you are in another room the whole time you will not be a part of those memories.


May your Christmas parties be spent with you and your guests relaxing in each others company this season


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Tidy Home for Christmas: Seven Tips

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Are you dreaming of a tidy home this Christmas? Here are seven tips which can help you turn that dream into a reality. I do not know about you, but when it comes to staying organized, I find it a constant battle. Unfortunately, clutter and stuff have a tendency of becoming the victor. How is it after decluttering and simplifying, everything seems to multiply? It is as though there is a clutter monster who throws stuff back into my closets, drawers, and rooms the moment I turn away. This seems to be truer during the times I would most like to sit back and enjoy time spent with family and friends.

With the Christmas season upon us, and the new year approaching, the fight against clutter can be one of discouragement.

Not only is a cluttered house an inconvenience, it creates stress. Have you ever found yourself avoiding a drawer, closet, or even room? The place (or places) that become storage of stuff often become places we never venture to see.

If you find yourself avoiding a part of your house, or dread having people over, the following tips are meant for you. This time of year should not be one of discouragement and stress, instead, it should be peaceful. You should be free to enjoy the company of family and friends.

The following seven tips can help you regain your sanity and find you the victor over the clutter and mess


1) Be Consistent with Laundry

Unfortunately, laundry is something that never ends. After all, the only way to stop it would be to never change, or, wear disposable clothing. Neither of which I recommend. In fact, no, just please, no. Laundry is a fact of life. The more members in your family, the more laundry. Grumbling about the matter will not help. And so, the only answer is to stay on top of this task before it grows into great mounds.

Rather than having a predetermined day of laundry, do a load when there is a load. It is far easier to start a wash of towels between other activities of your day than it is to fit in ten consecutive loads. That itself is a depressing and overwhelming thought.

While reading this, you may be considering your own heaping mounds of laundry awaiting your attention. In that case, go toss a load in and begin getting caught up. From there you can get in the habit of doing laundry as a load worth is ready.


2) Straighten up the Couches

A simple step to keeping the house looking tidy is plumping the pillows of your couch and nicely folding the blankets. There is something about a rumpled couch that leads to further untidiness and mess. Avoid additional mess by keeping your seating area looking company ready.


3) Keep the House Dusted and Vacuumed

Dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping gives an overall clean feeling to the entire house. Not only do you feel that your house is clean, but performing these duties encourages you to tidy up just a bit more.


4) Clear the Kitchen Sink

A kitchen sink full of dishes lends itself to filling the counter space as well. If you have a dishwasher, get in the habit of rinsing off your dishes and placing in the dishwasher immediately. If you are the dishwasher, at meal times fill your sink with soapy water making cleaning up a simple task.


5) Make those Beds

A common theme in this article is that mess leads to more mess. A rumpled bed encourages more untidiness which leads to clothes scattered on the floor, closet doors left open, and stuff lying about. The daily habit of making the bed can help stop the path of untidiness.


6) Put Coats and Shoes Away

When it comes to a messy house, it is often begun by those simple, daily habits, left undone. Coats and shoes being one of the culprits. By getting into the habit of putting these items away your house will look that much cleaner.


7) Take Care of the Mail

When you bring the mail into your home, go through it once. Do not set aside bills to get to when you feel like it…after all, do you ever feel like making the call, writing the check, or getting online to pay? I doubt your answer is “yes”. When you open the mail, take care of it and be done. You will be very happy once it is over. Allowing the task to hang over your head is just discouraging.


There you are, six tips to help you enjoy a tidy home for Christmas. Standing alone, these tasks require little time or effort. It is when they pile up that they become overwhelming and lead to further mess.

Tackle these tasks and get into the habit of taking care of them before clutter and mess grow.

On waking, make your bed. Before turning in for the night, straighten up your couch. Wash and put dishes away as used. Find a day that works for dusting and vacuuming and make sure it happens. Hang up your coat and put shoes away when coming indoors. When you open your mail, take care of it, and be done.

May these tips aid you in having a tidy home, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing Christmas!


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