We provide both residential
and commercial cleaning
in Toledo, Ohio and
surrounding areas


and commercial cleaning
in Toledo, Ohio and
surrounding areas


We offer a wide range of quality residential and corporate cleaning services


We offer a wide range of quality residential and corporate cleaning services


With an eye for detail and a family of trust,
we focus on providing cleaning
services that will make you proud of your home and business.


We provide cleaning
services that will make you proud of your home and business.


Spring Cleaning? How About Fall Cleaning! Part 2 – Stress

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Hi there! If you read my last article, in which I gave my first point for cleaning in the fall, then I thank you! Now I am going to give my second point, and it is something that can effect everyone. Stress.

1. Holidays.

 Again, you can read my first point here:
(link to last weeks blog)

2. Stress.

 The second point is stress. Oh, that dreaded word brings stress to people just by saying it. Stress has become something that can effect you through headaches, illness and even physically. Stress has no boundaries. Stress after the fall, during the holidays can be even more cumbersome. Holiday festivities, everyday obligations, jobs and the list goes on! Cleaning and organizing can bring a remedy to stress. I will give some ways on how cleaning, specifically in the fall season, can actually help you decompress and find this time of year less stressful.

Before I give my ways to combat stress through cleaning, allow me to share some statistics with you from the American Institute of Stress. These statistics come from surveys taken in 2014 and in 2017.

  •   Percent of people who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress – 77%
  •   People who regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress – 73%
  •   People who feel that they are living with extreme stress – 33%
  •   People who feel that their stress has increased in the past 5 years – 48%
  •   Money and work accounted for 76% of the reason why people feel stressed
  •   48% Say they have laid awake due to stress
  •   People who say they have difficulty maintaining work and family obligations 31%

I am not a clinical psychologist, but I think it is safe to say that stress is something that a large number of people feel. As an expert in the cleaning business, I can certainly say that having a clean home can take some of the stress away. Here are a few ways:

A. Organization.

 Just knowing where something is, especially when you need it. This can save you from worry and a big headache. Now there is enough of a difference between clean and organized, that I will write on why you need both. That is for a later time and date. Organization is taking your cleanliness and creating a structured system that makes getting around efficient. A person can have a clean home, but not know were items are. Or make a choice of putting items in a place that could make better use of space if placed elsewhere. Having these “small systems” for your home will in turn help you in the work place, or when you volunteer in a leadership role for the community. Though organization is not a fool proof way to keep the stress away, it certainly is a good start. It takes away many of the minor problems that could otherwise add to stress. To be organized, one must first clean, take out any clutter, and commit to constantly tweaking and adjusting to the possibility that things could be set up better.

B. Objective.

 There should be an end result or a calculated outcome when cleaning. A goal. Laura, are you serious? Cleaning is that important? ….Yes! When cleaning, one does not simply start to “see what happens”, there is an objective. In a stressful situation, many times an outcome is not foreseen and often not even thought about. When stressed, there are moments that can become a haze and then you start putting things in places that may not make sense, or that are not truly useful. One time, I was running late to church and in my rush I ran back into the house.  Grabbing what I needed I went to the car and tried to open the door, only to find that the door…..was….locked! NO! Had I slowed down and told myself, “Okay Laura, put the key in my pocket, make sure car is unlocked, run in to grab item and then return to my car.” In my stress and haste, my thoughts were more like “what! I need my things.” Having an objective before a situation is very helpful. It helps us to stay on task and also helps us to keep things in perspective. Let’s say however, you start to stress out and something is starting to overwhelm you. Stop, take a step back and make an objective. Even if it is not an end result objective, but just a stepping stone objective. For example: your mother in law announces she is going to stop by in 10 minutes. At first you start throwing things in the closet, and down the basement stairs…but wait. Make an objective, she will see the living room mainly.  Start there, and take any dishes to the sink to clean later (objective complete). Then take folded laundry upstairs to put away later (objective complete), etc…okay, I think you get the point.

C. Obligation.

 Lastly, for the case of fall cleaning is obligation.  As parents and as adults, we have an obligation to keep priorities straight. The last statistic that I shared, is the percentage of people who cannot help but feel overwhelmed with their home and personal life. When we come to the realization that I am here in this certain point of my life. We can actually get to the point to where this responsibility is not bigger than me. Often times, people like to revert back to childhood or adolescence. Where responsibilities were at a minimum, chores could be pushed off and mom and dad could be convinced….sometimes, that those things could wait. As adults, when Netflix and chill calls but Mount Saint Dishes is in the kitchen.  Remember your obligation and remember that you and your family deserve a less stressful home, a Pristine clean home.

You will thank yourself later, and then Netflix will feel more rewarding ;).


Laura Salazar

Co-Owner, Entrepreneur, Businesswoman and Operator

Pristine Clean LL C

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Spring Cleaning? How About Fall Cleaning! Part 1

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Cleaning should be a regular routine, and the best way to maintain a clean home. Consistency, and a plan truly make a home go from just clean to pristine. In this article I will make my first point and every Friday add in my other points on Fall cleaning. Though nothing against the Spring, and the more deep cleans you have the better! To be ahead of the game though, Fall is the way to go!

Fall?  Why the Fall?   Well, here is part 1 of my reasons.  Maybe after reading this list you may be convinced, or at least consider making your cleaning season, the Fall time of the year.

1. The Holidays

Think about it, most Holidays that take place in the Fall and Winter are in very close proximity to each other.  In the Spring most of these Holidays have already passed, and people want to get out and enjoy the weather.

There are the “Big Holidays” being Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve, Hanuka, Kwanzaa and New Years.  Though you may not celebrate all these Holidays, chances are you celebrate or recognize at least 3 of these Holidays. These Holidays having an average of 20.6 days in between the next Holiday! With a turn around like that you would be wise to start your season of cleaning in the Fall.

Not convinced?  That is okay, but now lets mention the “Little Holidays”. I am talking about the ones that may not be nationally recognized, but the ones that always seem to creep up on us and are here before we even have a chance to think about them. These are Black Friday, Sweetest Day, Super Bowl, Valentines Day, MLK day & Presidents Day (I include this because many kids are off school), and not to mention Christmas vacation for the students.  Which lasts an average of three weeks. Remember that average of 20.6 days in between the Major Holidays?  Now lets factor in these “Little Holidays” and events. You are looking at an average of 19.8 days.  I did not factor in the students returning for Christmas break as this may vary, and some do not come back.  19.8 days to find time to clean? It would help if we start in the Early Fall.

With the “Big Holidays” and “Little Holidays” mentioned is there anything else that could factor into the average days between Holidays and festivities?  Yes!  Just a few extra things that may or may not be part of your busy time of the year.  Reminder I am just mentioning things that circulate or are seen as Holiday festivities.  Such activities include, office/work parties, Church Cantatas and volunteer time.  During the Holidays is when many people volunteer their time to help out in the community. Our Average of 19.8 is now 17.2 days.

17.2 days in between just Holiday activities, during the late Fall and Winter time of the year. This in not including an already busy schedule with everyday activities and responsibility. I feel that I have made a decent case for a deep clean in the Fall, but perhaps this first point isn’t enough to convince you.  Next Friday I will give my Second point on Spring Cleaning? How About Fall Cleaning? 

Holidays, we love them but they take up so much time.  Get ahead of the game by cleaning Early Fall!


Laura Salazar

Co-Owner, Businesswoman and Operator

Pristine Clean LL C

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Decorating Your Home

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Creating the Right Feel for Your Space

For some, the thought of decorating their home, a room, or even a corner is overwhelming. They think and believe it is something they cannot do. Do you find yourself having similar thoughts? If so, it is time to change your way of thinking. You can decorate your home!

Anyone can decorate. Yes, even you. How do I know? Simply because decorating is not a scientific algorithm. The process of decorating is putting objects together which brings you happiness. That is what decorating is all about. Creating a feeling in your home, a room, or even on a table that makes you feel calm, happy, excited, motivated, or whatever feeling you are striving to achieve.


Your home does not need to look like the cover of a magazine. In fact, perfectly placed items may be the opposite of  your right space.

What is Your Style?

I love entering a home and seeing the families style all around me. Walking into such

homes gives me the sense that this is much more than someones house, it is their home. I get the opportunity for another glimpse into who these people are, what they like.

You may not know what style you like but it is easily discovered.

Take a stroll through a store, or, get online and scroll through pictures. What stands out to you? Take note of the things you pass and those which cause you to stop and linger. Does a certain color attract you? Maybe you like the way plants give life to a room. You might like the crisp look of white on white. Do you like the look of dark and heavy furniture?

Getting a feel for what attracts your eye is just the beginning.

Decorating Inexpensively

I think people get the wrong impression when it comes to decorating. They think it is costly and time-consuming. There is no need for it to be either. A few well placed decorations can change the entire feel of a space.

Clocks, books, cameras, and plants are great ways to create an old-fashioned feel.

A modern look is easily achievable by the use of straight lines, glass, and mirrors.

White on white, with lace (or other airy fabric) is an easy way to obtain a chic look.

Adding color to a room does not have to mean painting the walls.

These items mentioned are easily found at an inexpensive price.

Second hand stores, garage sales, and rummage sales are great places to find books, glassware, and other interesting items for very cheap.

May is the season for gardening. If you want to incorporate plants into your decor now is an excellent time to find something that catches your eye.


What are You Waiting For?

Making a house a home is all about creating an environment perfect for you. I encourage you to try your hand at decorating. Maybe start small and pick one table, dresser, or other small area to decorate. Look around at the items you already own, and, if need be, go out shopping at thrift stores and your local gardening center. Experiment by placing a few pieces together that make you feel happy and see what you come up with. You may just fall in love with decorating your space and making your house your home.



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A Morning Routine

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A Routine Makes Being Productive Easy

When it comes to being productive I find there is no better way than waking early and having a solid morning routine. Yes, forcing the body out of bed in the early hours is difficult; however, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. The past few weeks have found me bounding out of bed in the morning (even before my alarm goes off). The more you do something, the easier the task becomes. This too is true in regards to hitting the day hard as soon as waking.

I have a short morning routine I have followed for years. It has made those beginning tasks easy to accomplish. Now, with helping build family businesses, new morning habits must be built. Tasks which are not difficult, nor time-consuming per say, but get pushed aside unless time is made. There is no better time than the morning.

A morning routine, or morning habits, makes being productive in those early hours a simple process. Get out of bed. Check. Perform one task. Check. Do the next. And so on. Before you know it, the morning has passed and with it much of your to-do list.

Do You Have a Morning Routine?

I encourage you today, if you are not a morning person, if you do not have a morning routine, begin one today. Start with one step. Whether that is choosing to get up when the first alarm goes off, spending time in prayer, making your bed, or washing your face, choose one habit you want to incorporate and follow through every morning.

Life gets busy, hectic, and at times very, very overwhelming. When you have a few habits and routines in your life, performing those duties becomes less difficult.

What habit can you begin today?

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Colors of Spring

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I do not know about you, but for me, I am loving this change in weather. Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas are a funny place when it comes to weather. Really, I think we could experience all four seasons within the span of an hour… maybe even five minutes. But, back to the current lovely weather. Flowers are popping up everywhere. Birds are singing their joyful spring songs (much different from their croakings in winter). The sun is shining, oh Hallelujah the sun is shining! Who else LOVES this time of year?

After doing a deep clean for a client today I took a walk around the yard to see the new growth. There is so much color. Green grass, pinks of cherry blossoms, white and purple violets.

What colors are popping up in your yard?

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Baby Steps

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Sometimes the house explodes with mess. Heaps of laundry spills out and around the hamper, dishes cover every service in the kitchen, and the bathroom becomes a place no one wants to linger.

After vacations, when sickness sweeps through the household, over the holidays, and when out-of-town family visits are times the home frequently turns into a chaotic scene. Tackling the task can feel overwhelming, discouraging even.

Baby Steps

But there is hope. That hope comes by way of a bit of advice.

Baby steps. Yes, your task in cleaning may seem insurmountable, but with each step taken, you will be one step closer to a tidy and clean home.

Start in one spot. Whether you put on a load of laundry, scrub the toilet, or clear the kitchen sink, start somewhere.

As that one spot becomes clean, it will shine like a beacon encouraging you to move forward to tackle yet another area.

The home can, it does, get dirty easily; and yet, keeping it clean is a much more difficult task. I often wonder why this is true. Can you imagine how nice it would be if the house became tidy as easily as it becomes a mess. Right, back to reality.

The house does dirty easily, and it does not become clean without time and effort. However, when you stop looking at the entire picture and focus on one manageable step, the task does not seem as daunting.

Each step taken will find your home becoming cleaner which results in everyone feeling happier.

Get started. Take a baby step. With enough baby steps taken you will once again enjoy a home that is in order.


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Ten Quick Tips for Keeping Tidy

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Keeping a house clean can feel like a heavy burden. Maintaining cleanliness is easier than deep cleaning areas you have not touched in some time. Here are ten tips that can help make cleaning a little easier.

10 Cleaning Tips

1. Make your Bed

A little habit that can produce great results.

2. Wipe Bathroom Sink after brushing Your Teeth in the Morning

New habits are best created when tagged with one that is already established.

3. Put Clothes Away Before Settling In for the Night

While it is oh so easy to toss clothes aside till morning, it becomes much more difficult to clean later.

4. Have a Spot for Shoes and Keep Them There

Do not go tramping through the house with them on. Take them off at the door, and put away, right away.

5. Designate a Shelf for Library Books

This simple tip keeps them from getting lost.

6. Keep Charging Cords for Phones, Computers, and Other Devices in a Basket

You will no longer trip over cords stretched across the house, and, when a device needs charging, you know where to look.

7. Touch Mail Once

When you bring mail inside the house, immediately throw away, file, or perform the necessary duty.

8. When Finished Eating, Rinse and Put Dishes in Dishwater (or Wash by Hand)

The longer food sits, the more difficult it becomes to wash.

9. Sweep Entryway Daily

This keeps dirt from being carried throughout the rest of the house.

And for the Final Tip…

10. Simplify

Whether this means getting rid of some clothes, having fewer decorations sitting out on shelves, or putting all your cleaning supplies together in one container, find a way that you can simplify and make cleaning an easier task.


What are your favorite Cleaning Tips?

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Spring is in the Air – Let it Spur You into Accomplishing your Winter Tasks

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Spring is in the Air!

Okay, maybe Spring has not officially arrived; however, Spring is definitely in the air! With this feeling comes the desire to tackle those last indoor projects before warmer weather stays for a spell.

As I work on this article, rain pours down. The wind blows the rain down in slants across my window.  I love a good rainfall. The sound is musical, a cozy feeling is created, and the puddles growing make me think back on childhood days when my siblings and I played out in the rain. Yes, rainy days are great.

Winter is coming to a close. Yes, really, it will come to an end. Warm weather will arrive. The sun will shine on a daily basis. And pretty soon people will be complaining about how hot it is. (I personally am a fan of heat over cold.)

Raining days like today are perfect for finishing (or starting) winter projects. As the weather warms you will want to spend less time indoors. Let these spring feeling days spur you into action, causing you to accomplish indoor tasks you promised yourself to complete. Before you know it, warm days will be a constant. Be prepared to spend this spring and summer outside by accomplishing your indoor to-do’s now.

Get to work!

More often than not, the best piece of advice to accomplish a task you dread is by jumping in and getting to work. Maybe you had decided to go through your clothes this winter and get rid of what you do not wear. You may have decided this was the year to clean out the extra bedroom, and turn what has become a storage room, into an office. Or, your goal may have been to paint your kitchen.

Did you get your goal accomplished? Have you even started?

If not, do not worry. You are not too late. There is still time for you to get to work and complete the task before spring arrives.

The simple solution is to jump in and take one step today. The act of beginning makes continuing all the easier. Often, the thought of a job or task is more difficult than the task itself.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to work and take at least one step toward completing your goal. Go, do it today!



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Easy Cleaning: The Right Products and Tools

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When it comes to cleaning your home, it can be a discouraging task. After all, clothes, dishes, and bedding are continually dirtied. Shelves attract dust, floors collect dirt, and crumbs seem to grow on counters. Then, there is the bathroom…a place where scum builds up into a concrete form nearly impossible to remove.

There is Hope

If the task of cleaning seems a tedious and never ending chore, take heart. There are ways you can make this task less burdensome. It may still seem a chore, just less of one. Cleaning may continue being something you hate, but hey, if that is the case, you can always give us a call so we can do the work for you.  🙂

Easy Cleaning

Buy the Right Tools and Products

If you suddenly became interested in jewelry making, you would go out and buy yourself supplies and tools. Or, if you wanted to train for a marathon, you would buy clothing, shoes, and books to help you achieve the goal.

When it comes to our hobbies, interests, and goals, often we fork over money without a second thought.

House work is something nearly everyone will spend hours of their life on, and yet, how often is money spent purchasing supplies and tools to make the task easier?

The right products and tools can make a world of difference when it comes to cleaning the home. I encourage you to invest in the right products so as to make this literally never-ending task less burdensome.


There are a ton of cleaning products available. When it comes to easy cleaning though, less is the better option. Consider the following next time you are out buying cleaning supplies.

Multi-purpose Cleaner

There are some surfaces which require special cleaners, but for everything else, buy one cleaner that can do it all. This will save you time.

Goo Gone

When it comes to removing stickers or other stuck on gumminess, Goo Gone is an excellent product. In the past few weeks this product has become a very close friend for several projects.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

The right products can make a world of difference. If you are tired of seeing your fridge covered in fingerprints, it may only require changing your brand of cleaner to experience the results you desire.




Whether you use a bucket, basket, or some other container, keep your cleaning supplies together in something you can carry from room-to-room. This saves time from running around to various closets and cupboards looking for the right cleaner.

Microfiber Cloths

When it comes to cleaning glass and mirrors, results after using a microfiber cloth are crystal clear.


Whether you use an actual toothbrush, or, a small stiff bristle brush, these tools make cleaning those hard to reach spots a breeze.


This is a small list of the many that can make cleaning an easier task. For now, I hope this list aids you in decreasing the amount of time you spend cleaning your home. Time you can spend learning a new skill, curling up with a good book, or, spending time with family and friends.


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2018: The New Year

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The New Year is upon us!

Let the Adventure Begin!

I love a new year with its fresh start, new beginnings, and the opportunity to look back over the past year.

For Pristine, our family cleaning business, 2018 finds us beginning this new adventure of making Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas cleaner. We are ready and excited to travel this adventure as a family working together.

A lot of work goes into starting a cleaning business before cleaning takes place. Time for preparation and planning has come to an end. January now finds us going out into the community making it a cleaner place. With tools of the trade in hand, we are ready for this next phase.

Whether you too are starting your own business, focusing on family, resting from an illness, or going after any number of goals, may this be an excellent year for all of us.

Happy New Year from Our Family to Yours!

The Pristine Cleaning Team

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